Vineyard and Wines

As the soil and climate are similar to Alsace, the  grape variety of Bacchus was  first planted in 1989.  This  produces fruity, aromatic wines of high quality which have won medals both regionally and nationally. In 2015 Pinot Noir grapes were planted and in 2016 Pinot Meunier and Seyval Blanc. The wine is made at New Hall Vineyard, ‘wine maker of the year 2012 and 2015’. See ‘Opening times & Events Page’ for details of vineyard tours. Click here

Bardfield Bacchus 2015

The Bacchus grape variety produces a wine with characteristics similar to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The fresh and citrus qualities make this an ideal wine to be enjoyed now or stored to allow the flavours to mature.  This vintage won a silver medal at the UKVA  national competition last year.  The judge’s comments ‘Good fruit and balance; lovely herbal , medicinal notes, overlaying lime/cut apple; good acid lift on finish, fresh and pretty.’

£13 per bottle                         £71.50 for a six case bottle

Bardfield Bacchus 2014 

This is our driest wine. It won a silver medal in both regional and national competitions last year. The judge’s comments ‘ Lemon peel, citrus palate, nice freshness, slightly peppery finish’

£13 per Bottle          £71.50 for a 6 bottle case

Anne of Cleves 2013

An alternative to the Bardfield Bacchus, this medium dry white wine was also a regional and national silver award winner. The judge’s comments ‘ Fresh zingy fruit, apples and nectarine. Clean, zesty, balanced, lovely acids. 

     £12.00 per bottle           £66.00 for a six bottle case

Pinot Noir Rosé 

Produced for us, by our wine makers New Hall vineyard, this off-dry Rosé from the Pinot Noir grape variety delivers hints of summer fruits. This delicate, fresh wine is ideal for drinking now either as an accompaniment to a meal or on its own. We hope to be producing our own Pinot noir grapes from our recent plantings by 2019.

         £12.00 per bottle        £66.00 for a six bottle case

Sparkling white

An excellent example of English sparkling wine, produced for us by our winemakers New Hall Vineyard. The traditional bottle fermentation method has produced this delicious sparkling wine with subtle accents of pear and apple. The blend of grape varieties has produced this sparkling wine full of depth. We hope to be producing our own grapes for sparkling wine, from our recent plantings by 2020.

£20.00 per bottle     £110 for a six bottle case

Wine Sales

From the cellar door every weekday between 9am – 1.30 pm, otherwise please ring first.