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Bardfield Vineyard

An award winning vineyard

Our Wines

Our grapes are made into 4 varieties of wine. Bacchus produces a still white wine, similar to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc; Bardfield Bacchus is a dry white wine and Anne of Cleves a medium dry white wine. A blend of predominately Pinot Noir grapes goes in to our Bardfield Blush, and our Sparkling Brut is a dry white wine, made by the traditional champagne method with a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Seyval Blanc grapes.

Tom Halliday Photography

Tom Halliday Photography


We are open mid-week between May and September for guided tours and wine tastings in our Grade 1 listed barn. Group visits by appointment can be followed by a ploughman’s lunch or afternoon tea. Self-guided trails are also available with information sheets that can be collected from our shop.

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Vineyard Through The Seasons 


Work on the vineyard takes place year round.

In winter the vines are dormant and we prune all the vines by hand and repair the trellis.

In spring the canes are tied onto the wires. Bud burst is usually at the start of May, when the buds break and green leaves start to show.  Growth increases dramatically through June and we keep on top of the weeding, mowing, disease monitoring, and tucking the shoots into the wires to avoid damage to them.

Flowering takes place mid-June.  The flowers are self-pollinated and once this happens the grape clusters start to develop.  At this point we strip away the leaves around the clusters and  trim along the tops of the vines and down the sides.  Weeding, mowing, tucking in all continue through summer.  In August the grapes start to ripen.

As the grapes ripen in the Autumn we start to test their sugar and acid levels to decide when to harvest.  The grapes are very susceptible to damage from wasps/badgers/birds at this point!  We usually harvest at the end of September all by hand.  The grapes then go straight down to our winemaker and are pressed and put into a tank for the  fermentation process to begin.

We manage the vineyard with the minimum input of sprays to protect the environment.

Want to book a tour?

Please contact us for more information on prices and availability for group tours.